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LuxStone, through the most cutting edge technologies, is able to translate any image into its three-dimensional shape with no limits for what concerns material or dimension. The phase during which the shape is measured permits to keep the proportion of the object in a scientific way; once it is digitalised, it can be re-shaped to make it completely customised and it will be used to build, through machines, a true and authentic clone. Digitalisation of an element is essential to classify, restore or reproduce an artwork, by creating digital replicas of original pieces through a non-invasive way.

The maximum precision and accuracy in respect of the real or virtual model, together with the ease to replicate an object, is obtained by using anthropomorphic robots that allow us, in different steps, to create also large works saving a lot of time compared to traditional techniques.
The robots used by LuxStone is integrated by top-notch engineers having deep experience in stone processing in Tuscany region, Italy.

The evolved numerical control technology, employed by LuxStone, is able to replace the movement of a human arm but not for this is able to replace the experience of an artisan.
The expert carving team which is part of the company is able to transfer on the work all artistic skills acquired through study and experience giving to it an add value realizing the concepts of uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Thanks to knowledge and experience along with artisan technologies at our disposal, we are able to work with marble, granite, sandstone material for excellence, to the limit of its possibilities.

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